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Click Open your account and fill in your company and invoicing details. Open Maventa account and activate bank integration

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Add the item or service to product register. Add customer to customer register and create your first invoice.

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You can send e-invoices, email invoices and paper invoices with just a few clicks.


Creation of invoice 0,80 €

The creation of an invoice costs 80 cents and the price includes the creation of a PDF-image of the invoice. If you wish you can deliver the PDF to the customer yourself, in which case 80 cents is the total cost of the invoice.

Receiving e-invoice 0,59 €

Receiving e-invoice to

Delivery as e-invoice 0,49 €

We deliver all your attachments and the original PDF-image of your invoice both in the home and guest networks. To search for Finnish e-invoice senders and receivers, please see Verkkolaskuosoitteisto.

Delivery by e-mail notice 0,49 €

When you send invoices as E-mail notices, the recipient will receive a notification about an awaiting invoice. The invoice can be retrieved from the -service, without the need of your customer being user at the service. Your customer can accept or decline the invoice electronically or order the invoice to be sent as a paper invoice. This enables you to easily track the statuses of your invoices and receive notifications when the customer accepts and reacts on your invoice. Now you don't need to worry anymore if the invoice has been seen or received by your customer or if it's buried under a pile of paper on someone's desk.

Delivery by paper invoice (Finland) 1,59 €

If your customer can't receive electronic invoices we can deliver the invoice in paper format. The price includes the paper, printing, folding, envelope and a stamp for a one-page invoice to any destination in the world. Additional pages cost 0,40 € / page. You no longer have think about that jammed printer, why you're fresh out of envelopes or where you misplaced your stamps. you just press Send and the invoice is delivered all the way to your customer - no matter where they physically are. Prints sent outside Finland cost 2,22 € / piece.

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"Functional solution for a small business"

"Simple to use, you pay only for what you use"

"I automatically receive information about changes to the software, so I can take advantage of the changes immediately"

Explore through the video

The sent email invoice can be paid through online payment

You can send the invoice via email, and the payment can be made directly from the email, somewhat like in an online store.

Mauri puhelimissa 1-4_pieni_uusi

Online payments for email invoices

The payment button on the email invoice speeds up the payment process.

This is how Visma Pay online payments work together with the service.

  1. Your customer receives the email invoice and likely opens it on their phone.
  2. The customer opens the invoice and can easily preview it.
  3. Next, the customer chooses their preferred payment method. Since email invoices are often opened on mobile devices, MobilePay is also a very popular payment method.
  4. Your customer proceeds to pay their invoice, similar to the process in an online store. It's super easy and especially fast. – more than just an invoicing software is a versatile software with multiple features that will help your company and make your work easier.


Create and send invoices electronically or by email. You can also send paper invoices.

Purchasing invoices

Receive invoices electronically and pay them using bank integration.

Customers and products

Manage your customers and items in your account.

Recurring invoices

Create recurring invoices to help the invoicing processes.

Send invoices by email

With Visma Pay the email invoices can be paid just like a webshop purchase. Even with MobilePay.

Invoices with QR-code

Make the paying process easier for your customers with QR-code or barcode.

Have you ever thought about it?

What is an e-invoice, and how does the sending work?

An e-invoice is an invoice or more precisely an invoice message sent to a company or organization, usually in XML format.

On the other hand, an e-bill is a bill similar to an e-invoice but sent to consumers.

E-invoices can be received in invoice processing software or even in online banking. According to the e-invoicing law that came into effect in 2020, a company has the right to demand that the sender of the invoice sends it as an e-invoice.

Creating and sending e-invoices is more cost-effective and faster than sending invoices by mail. By sending e-invoices to customers, you ensure a quicker settlement of receivables.

To send and receive e-invoices, you need an e-invoice address, just like you need a mailing address to receive a paper invoice.

By opening an account on, you automatically get Maventa's e-invoice address.

From the service, you can send e-invoices to companies and email invoices or paper invoices to consumers.

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